CrossFit Difference

First Time Visit to a CrossFit Gym vs. First Time Visit to a Globo Gym

Globo gym:

Enter gym and notice a person at the front desk behind a computer, wait about 15-30 seconds for them to stop playing a game on the computer, Facebook, or studying.

The person finally looks up and you say, “Hi, I’m John. This is my first time here.” The front desk person says, “Oh, let me get a trainer to show you around.”

The trainer walks you through the gym. Trainer shows you the “cardio area”, which is full of treadmills, elliptials, and stationary bikes.

Next, you are shown the “machines areas”. Various contraptions with diagrams that highlight whatever muscle group the thing is supposed to isolate. If you’re lucky, they’ll have Hammer Strength stuff!! You may get a line like “This machine is designed to work you exactly like free weights.” You think to yourself, “Hmmm, well why not just do free weights, then?” You also note that at least 2 of the four walls in every area are made up entirely of mirrors. And people are standing and looking at themselves in them with their headphones on so no one will interrupt their concentration and they don’t lose their “pump”.

The tour continues: “Here we have the free weight area. You can use this if you want to get huuuuge.” This typically equates to the square footage of a walk-in closet. Work boots, little tank-tops, and multiple shakers full of supplements abound.

Now, the all-important retreat into a tiny office where you get the used-car sale. Something like, “Well, typically our memberships are $59/mo, plus a $269 sign-up fee. We’ll waive the fee and set you up on a tiered payment plan where every year the fee will drop 11.59043% until you reach year 4, at which point…” blah blah blah. You counter with, “Well my friend pays $20/mo with no sign-up fee.” They respond, “I’ll have to get my manager.” The dance continues. You threaten to walk out. At this point, you may or may not get the “super secret pricing deal”. You realize you’ve lost a little bit of your soul. They throw in free tanning.

You are now a member. You are issued your scan card so the person at the front desk doesn’t have to even acknowledge you. You work out for 2 years. You see the same people every day. You never talk to them. After 2 years you notice that they all look exactly the same as the first day you ever saw them, despite the fact that they spend at least an hour a day on the elliptical while reading a magazine or talking on their cell phones.

You get minimal (if any) results and fizzle out and keep paying on the rest of the contract you signed, because its easier to pay the $20 per month then go down and tell the person at the front desk that you want to cancel, so they can look at you with that, “you should be ashamed” look on their face.

CrossFit gym:

The first thing you notice is that most CrossFit gyms don’t have front doors, its usually a roll up garage door or you come in what looks like the back door to an auto shop.

The next thing you notice is the people on the floor gasping for air. You can see this clearly as the
entire place is a wide open space.

You walk in. At first you’re not sure who works there and who works out there – they all look about the same. Usually an owner or trainer finds you quickly, unless someone in the workout is still

You start to notice, there are no mirrors and not a single treadmill, in fact the only machine you might see is a rower – uh oh.

Ropes and gymnastic rings are hanging. Kettlebells, weight racks, weird rubber weights, medicine balls, and plenty of room for pull-ups.

Instead of the mirrors the walls are covered in white dry erase boards with people’s names listed and times written next to them.

As people start to finish the workout and peel themselves off of the floor, you notice that they all seem to talk and be friends.

OK, time for the workout. A trainer takes you and whoever else is there for a first-time visit and you do some stretches, a warm-up and then they actually teach you how to do whatever you’re going to be doing that day. Real instruction (with PVC pipe), and the guy (or girl) actually sounds like they know what they’re talking about.

Workout time. 3-2-1-go. 1 minute into the workout you realize that you actually might die before it’s done. You regret eating whatever it was you ate last, because you’re pretty sure everybody is going to see it coming out of your mouth. 7 minutes later you’re finished, and soaked with sweat on a pile on the floor. You think to yourself that you did more work in 7 minutes than most people at your old globo gym did in a month.

After the workout, other members talk with you, laugh with you, and encourage you because they are doing the same workout. Then you’re asked by the trainer if you liked it and they tell you, you can hang around and ask questions or go home and ice yourself down. No pitch.

Obviously you realized what a tremendous workout you got in 7 minutes so you comeback fill out the paperwork and sign up.

After a few weeks you start to see results and you start to “enjoy”the process, you become hooked and never look back.

In addition to the community atmosphere, we offer a different service. Our coaches correct, encourage, and congratulate everyone through every workout. A trainer is there to push you while keeping you safe at the same time. All of your workouts are tracked to monitor progress and stay motivated.

If you compare our Playalinda CrossFit membership to a typical group rate with a personal trainer, you’ll see the value.

Personal trainer group rate

– 3 workouts per week
$100 (cheapest I’ve found)

– membership $40

– $440 per month

Now, which one sounds better? I’m pretty sure I have not exaggerated anything here.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “what else would I rather spend the money on?” What is more important than health? It’s about adding years to your life and life to your years. Would you rather spend money on overpriced food & drinks, blood pressure medication, or a Playalinda CrossFit membership?

In conclusion:

CrossFit is not a more expensive form of a Globo-Gym. CrossFit is a less expensive, more effective form of personal training.

This article was adapted from an article by CrossFit Rehoboth ( &
Central CrossFit (

Few in the world of fitness can boast about a resume like Matt Chan can. A four-time top 10 finisher at the CrossFit games, he has been one of the event’s most consistently successful participants since it was first held in 2007, including placing second in 2012. Matt is a co-owner of Denver’s CrossFit Verve, voted one of the best CrossFit boxes in Denver in 2013. Here, Matt shares his top ten reasons why you should try CrossFit.

1) Results –
That’s what we’re all after right? Whether you’re after decreased body fat,
increased muscle mass, improved triglycerides, or stronger bones, CrossFit
produces measurable results that are visible in blood tests and in the mirror.
Who doesn’t want to look good naked?!?

2) GPP –
CrossFit is a General Physical Preparedness program that prepares you well for
life’s demands. No matter how simple the task, by practicing a wide array of
functional movements, you’ll be increasing your longevity and independence.
Gone are the days of “back and bi’s, chest and tri’s.” Welcome to a
world where routine is the enemy and the certainty is change.

3) Universal scalability
– Whether you’re a professional athlete, out of shape, or a
retiree, the CrossFit program is adapted to suit the needs of any individual.
We scale the loads, repetitions, or even the exercises and produce the same
fitness. Should Grandma do CrossFit? Absolutely! Will it look very different
from a CrossFit Games-level athlete? Without a doubt.

4) Neurological sufficiency
– By practicing functional movements that are inescapable in
daily life, you’re learning to move safely and efficiently. For example, though
the deadlift might sound dangerous, any time you pick an object off the ground,
you’re completing a deadlift. By practicing the movement, you’re wiring your
body to perform the movement well.

5) Mindset –
CrossFitters experience many adaptations to the program, but one of the biggest
is the adaptation that occurs between the ears. CrossFit requires hard work and
hard work is uncomfortable. One of the greatest elements of CrossFit is the
mental toughness that it creates and carries into all aspects of life.

6) Off-season training
– There are a lot of sports that people participate in that are
seasonal (triathlon, skiing, climbing, football…) and require a sport-specific
skillset. CrossFit is an amazing program for off-season training to improve
fitness as a whole by developing cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina,
strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and
balance. By bringing each of these specific capacities up, athletes perform
better in-season.

7) Community –
Experience a community unlike any other. CrossFit at an
affiliate, such as CrossFit
Verve, is more than just exercise. You’ll celebrate personal
records alongside other athletes (all participants are considered athletes no
matter what level). You’ll have the opportunity to experience community events,
such as Paleo potlucks, competitions (as a spectator or as an athlete), team
events, learning workshops, and subject matter expert lectures. Or, you can
just come in on an active rest day, and mobilize your tired muscles and chat
with friends.

8) Affordability
– A point of contention for many people. There are several
options for getting involved with CrossFit, from personal training ($$$), to
small group training at an affiliate ($$), to working out on your own utilizing (free!). The most common route is
starting at an affiliate, where you’ll be taught the skills necessary to
complete a WOD (workout of the day), be coached through a WOD, and then be
cooled down. Try getting that for $150/month at a “Globo-gym.”

9) A change of pace
– Losing the excitement you used to have for exercise? Well,
keep it going! Because the workout changes everyday, you’ll find yourself
clicking refresh on your affiliate’s WOD blog (a guilty pleasure of all
CrossFitters) each night until the new workout is released. You’ll find
yourself getting butterflies in your stomach on the way to the gym and you’ll be
rushing with endorphins as you leave.

10) Fun –
CrossFit is making working out fun again. This is the biggest
point for most people. By combining elements from the list above, CrossFit will
leave you sweating, smiling, and wanting more. Don’t believe me? Call a buddy
and attend a free “intro class” at your local affiliate. Most allow one or two
free drop-ins to get a feel for the culture at the gym. If you don’t like one,
try another!