Get Fit in 2017

Okay, so the New Year’s resolution for getting healthier and improving your fitness for 2016 started out great, you saw some positives, but then life happened and the workouts or runs started to fade and soon it was back to the regular grind.

This happens too many of us every year. It doesn’t happen because we don’t care or we don’t want to get fitter. The “fade out” usually happens because of two reasons. The first is, usually we start out gung ho and everything is going great, sacrifices are being made and results are happening. Then a bump in the road happens! A vacation, maybe an injury, or it could be as simple as going to a relative’s birthday party and eating a piece of that delicious cake you have been avoiding for six weeks. But you decide to loosen up the reigns a bit and indulge yourself. This bump in the road gets a lot of people. It’s at this point when start fading out, they start missing a workout or two during the week and they start letting that new diet slide just a little. Next thing you know, BOOM, right back to the same old routine. IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE at some time. There is no need to be ashamed or discouraged.

I feel that these bumps in the road tend to be more like mountains, even if they are as simple as cheating on your diet to have a piece of birthday cake, which is a whole different article by the way. The reason I think these bumps turn into mountains is the second reason many start fading out. It’s your routine. Routines are BAD! Yep, I said it. Routines are bad. Routines get to be monotonous and boring, even if you don’t realize it. When you are stuck into a routine that you are comfortable in you become complacent. Your brain starts telling you things like, “go ahead miss the workout today, it’s only Bicep & back day, and running on the treadmill, and I hate the treadmill anyway!” Then your brain tells you, “Besides, you’re going to be doing that workout again next week and many weeks after, no biggie if you miss one time.” “Plus, this is really taking up to much time this week, 2 hours a workout then cardio on the mouse wheel, I mean treadmill!” The brain and body know what is coming and the New Year luster has worn off, there is nothing to get excited about anymore, nothing to stimulate your body and brain.

If your brain is not successful in talking you into skipping workouts or eating a few more cheat meals than you should, it keeps you on the workout routine. You slowly begin to notice that the improvements you made and the results you enjoyed when this routine began are not improving very much, if at all anymore. You have PLATEAUED! Yep, latest issue of muscle and fitness says you have to super set to break through the plateau and start gaining again! WOW, SUPER SET, who the heck even really knows what this means? I quit, tap out, I’m done, catch ya next year, later dudes!!

No No No, Don’t quit. Try something different. Step outside of the comfort zone of your routine. There is a program that can help you. This program encompasses three things as the core of its workout programming. Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, performed at High Intensity! These three ideas can be quickly broken down and explained:

Constantly Varied: This means each day the workout is different, focusing on different muscle groups each workout, while incorporating the core each and every workout. This also means each week, month, and year will all be different, NO ROUTINE! This keeps the body and the brain guessing as to what will be thrown at it. This keeps the body steadily gaining and the brain develops a drive to keep coming back for more because it doesn’t know what’s in store, developing somewhat of an addiction.

Functional Movements: Functional movements are movements humans perform during everyday life, they are movements the human body was designed to perform. We take these movements and use specific exercises to strengthen and make them more efficient. The human body rarely if ever uses a single muscle or movement to complete a task. Take a bicep curl for example. In the gym performing a set of bicep curls uses a single muscle to perform a single action. This never happens in real life. When the human body performs a task it uses compound movements. This means it uses multiple muscles/movements to efficiently complete a task. This is how we train and program our workouts. It makes sense, train and workout to mimic what you do during normal life activities, the end result is being able to move easier, faster, more efficient, and stronger, which allows a better quality of living.

High Intensity: In my opinion the high intensity part is what really brings everything together and wraps it up in a nice easily deliverable package. 99% of the workouts we perform are done for time. This means we are given a workout (a list of tasks) to perform and we must complete this as fast as we can while maintaining good quality movement, proper technique, and safely. Or, we are given a time limit and a set of movements to complete as many as we possibly can within the given time frame. Inherently these formats elevate the intensity level. You are competing against yourself and a relentless opponent named the “clock”! Using this format in a group setting while being coached by a trainer that is constantly checking your technique and encouraging you to push, creates the ability to achieve a far superior workout in a very short time frame.

Lastly, this workout program I have described sounds tough and intimidating. Let me assure you that it is tough. But ask yourself, do you really think you will achieve quick solid results by doing something EASY? Be honest, NOPE, that’s right! Many people say, “I have to get in shape to do that type of workout!” I assure you that you do not! These workouts are all relative, which means you will work in a group but you will work at your own pace and at your own level. Everyone is different and has a different fitness level. You work to your level and work to increase that level while the person next to you is working at their level trying to increase it. So, you say, “you guys use barbells, swing heavy weights, and do pull-ups and I can’t do that stuff!” Yes, you can! You can do everything. Every exercise we perform is scalable, which means we can modify each and every movement so that anyone can perform it at any fitness level. From kids to great grandparents and from couch potatoes to marathon runners everyone can perform these workouts or a scaled version of them, all at the same time. Our trainers are trained to help, teach, and keep you safe, even if it’s your first workout.

By now you are surely asking, “What is this wonderful answer to my New Years Resolution Dreams? What is this amazing workout program you speak of?”

The answer is CrossFit!

Yep! Some of you might have heard of this recent workout phenomenon that has taken the fitness world by storm. Do Not Be Intimidated! It is completely different from the mainstream way of thinking in terms of a gym. If you look in a CrossFit gym you will see pull-up bars, barbells, big rubber weights, medicine balls and plenty of open space, you’ll probably hear loud music and you’ll for sure see people working there tails off. You will not see rows of treadmills and machines that focus on one or two single muscles. You will not see people walking around not talking with their ear buds in their ears. You will see, people actually interacting with each other, developing personal relationships and creating a very tight knit community. We talk and hang out before the workouts, after we catch our breath at the end of our workouts, then we share with each other how tough it was, and then we even do activities together outside of the gym. But during the workout each person knows exactly what the person next to them is going through, no matter their relative fitness levels!

Step outside of your comfort zone and start a workout program you will actually stick with and you will actually make a part of your life. Ditch the same old routines and create quick positive fitness results!

Give Playalinda CrossFit a try! We are a friendly and relaxed environment who welcomes anyone who is willing to work hard and improve their quality of life!

We are located in the Searstown Mall in Titusville! Come try a free community workout without any obligations! Come to the community class as often as you like with no pressure to join. The free classes are open to anyone in the community every Saturday morning at 9am (except 3rd Saturday of the month, we are totally closed that day), bring your friends make it a fun outing for the entire group or family.