Gym Rules

  1. Playalinda CrossFit is a relaxed and laid back CrossFit Box, we have a good sense of humor,
    but we do have a use for some rules. Safety is always the #1 priority. Your safety and that of those around you. Always train with this in mind.
  2. No whining. Generally what we do here is HARD. Often times it’s a victory for other members just to show up. The last thing they need when they make it in is the influence of a whiny negative attitude. This is a positive place so please contribute to that when you’re here.
  3. Children are not allowed in the workout area unless they are actively participating in a class. we love your kids and this is for their safety.
  4. Put all equipment you used away after the workout. This also includes PULL-UP BANDS! Almost everything has a specific place for your convenience. This makes for a facility we can all take pride in. When everyone abides by this the equipment will be in order and in the correct place when YOU want it. (See Ring Of Fire explanation at the bottom)
  5. Scheduled classes are the priority. Anyone coming in wanting to use open gym time and not participate in a scheduled class, remember, this is a privilege! You need to defer to the needs of the class in every way. The privilege of open gym is allowed as long as it does not impact a scheduled class in any way.
  6. Pay on time. All gym fees are due on or before the first of the month. Please make every effort to pay your gym fees on time. If you have a problem, talk to us. Late payments will be charged a $20 late fee. The “I didn’t come to the gym for a couple days” doesn’t cut it. The gyms bills are also due on the first!!
  7. BE ON TIME for class and do not jump in and out of class. If you are going to participate please do the whole class or not. When clients are coming and going during the hour it can be confusing and chaotic. If you come early and a class is still performing a WOD, please stay out of the way, DO NOT walk down the middle of the workout area.
  8.  Don’t drop metal on the ground. This means EMPTY BARBELLS and kettle bells. We don’t want our equipment, rubber flooring, you, or someone else broken unnecessarily. Barbells are not designed to be dropped empty. (UNLESS doing so is necessary to avoid injury)
  9. Clean up after each workout. Use gym wipes to clean sweat, blood, or other fluids from all equipment used. In the case that you need to puke, PLEASE make it to the toilet or 5 gallon bucket. If this happens it is SOLELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to fully and completely clean up the mess you have made. (See Ring Of Fire explanation at the bottom)
  10. Do not come to the gym when you are sick. Working out while you are sick is not smart, and we don’t want to catch what you have. This rule stands for skin infections, stomach bugs, etc… not just colds or flus. Stay at home and rest!
  11. NO CHEATING! CrossFit breeds a certain competitiveness since all workouts are measurable in some way. Do every rep, with solid technique, no matter the time it takes. You only cheat yourself of the opportunity to become a better athlete and person. There is no honor in cheating to be on top of the board, what joy is there in a victory you didn’t earn? Believe me someone will notice if you are cheating reps or range of motion.
  12. Check your ego at the door! If you have an ego, leave it outside. Don’t bring that stuff in the gym. Sometimes it’s hard to let this go, especially for the male species. CrossFit is magical in its ability to totally destroy and break any ego. Be humble, you have been warned!
  13. Be respectful to other members and Trainers. That being said, we are NOT politically correct. we joke, yell, grunt, scream, sweat, cry, bleed, etc… You will too.
  14. Do not write on or erase anything off of the white board. This is extremely disrespectful to the Trainer. It is NOT CUTE or FUNNY to erase the word burpee from the chipper that is on the white board.
  15. Do not attempt to coach others in your class. This is our job. This is what you are paying for. Our Trainers have taken the time and effort to study and understand CrossFit and its movements. We have all paid for, taken, and passed the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course. We work within CrossFit, which we are trained. Giving someone a useful quick tip on an exercise or performing movements is fine. If anything other than a quick tip is needed then the Trainer should be asked. This allows us to instruct and insure the movement is performed within CrossFit standards.This also lets the Trainer know to keep an extra eye on someone during a specific movement.
  16. The Trainer leading the class is in charge. If you are a trainer from another box or even a trainer from PCF, or just have your Level 1 and you are in a class, be a class participant and let the Trainer in charge of the class do his/her job. Again, a few helpful tips are okay here and there, but enjoy the class for yourself and let the Trainer do their job. Don’t hijack the class, whether you mean to or not, be aware!
  17. Communicate with your Trainer. We want to make sure you are taken care of and that your questions and concerns are addressed.
  18. Ring Of Fire or ROF – In an effort to keep the gym picked up, Playalinda CrossFit has come up with a unique strategy called the Ring Of Fire or more affectionately known as ROF on Facebook!

Ring of Fire

If any client leaves any piece of equipment out or personal item after class, one of the Trainers will snap a quick picture and post it to the PCF Facebook page with a name and ROF next to it.

This means the next time that person attends a class they will be given an option, Before? or After? This refers to, do you want ROF before or after class? When it is time for the ROF the person who has it will stand in the middle of a ring created by all of the participants in their class. It will start with the Trainer calling on one of the surrounding clients, that client called on will yell out a movement and the person inside the ROF will have to perform an assigned number of reps of that exercise. This process repeats quickly around the ring until everyone in the ring has called out and exercise and the person inside the ring has completed the exercises!

This is typically not awesome for the person in the ring, but seems to be very effective in keeping the gym picked up!

All rules subject to change without notice!