1 Jun

Membership Cancellation/Postponement Policy

As of  June 1, 2016 Playalinda CrossFit put in place a Membership Cancellation/Postponement Policy which states  that members are required to provide Playalinda CrossFit with a formal 14 day notice of any membership cancellation or postponement.  We will no longer accept emails, Facebook messages, verbal, late night messages on the answering machine, etc…. as sufficient notice.  We have always asked for a courtesy of 2 weeks notice in the past, unfortunately everyone forgets.  In an effort to make your Playalinda CrossFit experience more professional and structured we are requiring ALL membership cancellations or postponements be handled by filling out a membership cancellation form at least 14 days prior to the end of the month.  The form states the following:

Membership cancellation/postponement policy:

We ask that you provide a 14 day notice of any membership cancellation or postponement.  You must complete the “Membership Cancellation Form” in time to allow for the 14 day notice. No other form of cancellation will be accepted (email, phone call, text or Facebook messages, etc…)  If the 14 day notice is not given in time, you will be charged for that month and the cancellation or postponement will be effective the following month.  Please talk with Eric, Miranda, or Todd if you need to cancel or postpone your membership.


Thank you,

Playalinda CrossFit