Fitness for Seniors


A Fitness Program For Seniors. At any age it is still good to be active!

Need a change? Tired of being tired? Ready to improve your quality of life? Bored with the same old fitness center routines and circuit training with complicated machines? Want more than aerobics, pilates, or walking circles in the mall? Ready to make tasks in your daily life easier?

Ready to increase your overall health and fitness?

Try our fitness program designed specifically for Seniors

What is SeniorFit?

SeniorFit is an exercise program designed for the needs of seniors! SeniorFit is a group exercise class!
There is no guess work with SeniorFit, we design a different workout for each day, so you don’t get bored with the same old routine!

Every class is led by a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer! Trainers instruct and work with you through the entire class! All exercises are designed to mimic everyday movements the human body uses. If we train these movements to get better, faster, and stronger it makes everyday tasks easier and effortless!

SeniorFit keeps the intensity lower than normal CrossFit classes!

SeniorFit can kickstart your metabolism!

SeniorFit burns fat while building lean muscle!

Helps bring back mobility to areas where it may have been lost!

Increases and improves overall health and fitness!

Best of all, SeniorFit is a Fun and Relaxing Community!

What SenoirFit is NOT

SeniorFit is not CrossFit

SeniorFit is not High Intensity

SeniorFit is not Loud and Foul Music

SeniorFit is not Intimidating

Each class will have a trainer that is there to ensure you are safe in each movement, to explain everything, to answer any questions, and to help you stay confident!

SeniorFit Classes are Going on Now!
Please call: 321-747-3319
for all details