$87 Monthly Adult Unlimited Per Person

$154 Monthly Adult Unlimited Couples

$67 Monthly Adult Unlimited Firefighter, Police, & Military

$52 Monthly Adult Unlimited Student

As of January 1, 2014, Student Rate age limit is 24 years of age, must show valid student ID. We have no way of knowing when you are no longer a student. The student rate was created to help non-professional college and high school students afford the cost of superior training, if at some point we discover a trend of people signing up under the student rate and then for whatever reason (graduation, dropping out, etc..) becoming a non-student and neglecting to bring it to our attention in order to continue with the student rate, we will have no choice but to discontinue the Student Rate, So please if you are under the Student Rate and find yourself a non-student let us know ASAP and don’t be the cause of this and ruin it for others!

$40 Per Week Adult

$15 Single Class Drop In Adult

*Prices subject to change without notice*

Large gyms started to pop up in mass numbers in the 1970’s. The gyms were filled with proper barbells and weights and racks. There weren’t any fancy contraptions like you would see in today’s globo gyms. The fitness industry realized that barbells and plates pretty much last forever. If you’re trying to sell fitness equipment, this is the equivalent of a light bulb company selling a bulb that never burns out. In order to turn a bigger profit, the industry decided to make what appeared as technological advances in fitness equipment. They produced these expensive machines that constantly broke down and had to be reinvented every couple of years. The best part about these machines is that nobody has to teach you how to use it and most people can’t get injured on them. The bad side is that these machines don’t get you more fit. These machines isolate individual muscle groups (where should I feel the burn?) while the rest of your body is completely relaxed. Unless you’re in physical therapy or maybe a bodybuilder, then you’re not creating any real world strength for life and sport.

Today, globo health clubs (ironically named) need close to 12 times the amount of members that their facilities can handle, so creating a gym for an athlete or someone serious about fitness would make no sense because those people actually go to the gym on a regular basis. Any globo gym’s marketing strategy is to attract the out of shape public. Those people who believe just 20 minutes a day 3 times a week will do the trick. Those same people who won’t join unless the marketing pictures look easy and safe. The entire business is designed to lure in suckers who will work out once in a while and then getting them out. They price their memberships to be just enough to where it would be more of a hassle to quit. They pay their cheesy sales reps more than their trainers and lock you into one or two year long contracts with an upsell of some “cheap” personal training sessions at a reasonable $65/hour. The trainer will ask you a few questions and then put you on some instability ball before they even teach you the fundamentals, let alone anything at all.

The Serious Gym: CrossFit Box

Sadly, the serious gyms out there are still a big minority. These gyms look more like concrete boxes than taupe colored mazes. Most of them will have an arsenal of barbells, squat racks, bumper plates, kettlebells and chalk buckets. There are no trainers in khakis and a polo. You don’t see bicep curls or half reps or powerplates. You see pure raw strength and conditioning. The coaches are constantly correcting form and teaching their athletes why they push from their heels or how to correct their hips rising too fast. There are no lies that 20 minutes on the elliptical while you read the newspaper or watch Entertainment Tonight will get you healthy or even fit. You get the truth that hard work the correct way is the only way to get you more fit. There is nothing easy about this gym. It’s not even easy not to go because you will most likely get a phone call or email wondering where you’ve been. We teach the fundamentals like backsquat, dead lift, press, pull-ups and cleans before we get into the more advanced movements.

The difference in cost

The reason why those large globo gyms can afford to keep their rates generally pretty low is because most of their members don’t go. CrossFit gyms are quite the opposite, most of our members come on a daily basis. We maintain a low coach to athlete ratio and pride our coaches to be the most knowledgable in their field. Most Globo-Gym people pay about $40/month for their gym membership and go about 4 times a month which comes out to about $10 per session. Most of our rates come out to less than that per session and you’re actually getting something out of it.

How to afford it

Being able to afford something is generally a matter of priorities. Most of us can afford the monthly dues of CrossFit, but we have to make some room in our monthly budget first. With these simple steps, you too can afford the monthly dues of CrossFit:

Spend two less nights out at the bar each month. I know you easily drop $75 each night you head out. Just think how much more productive and healthy you’ll be when you have two less hung over mornings each month.

  • Shop online one less time each month.
  • Don’t go to Starbucks.
  • Quit your fitness center membership. You’re not going there much anyway.
    Bring your lunch to work. Lunch roughly costs $10 and it costs about $5 to bring your lunch to work. You work roughly 22 days out of the month so that saves you roughly $220 per month.
  • The point is, most of us have the means to become fit and healthy. We need to be thankful for that and make the most of it. Be better than yesterday.
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