Pam Ragon

I am 54 years old, (55 in Feb). I joined Playalinda Crossfit with my sister in mid November 2013. Our main purpose for joining was to “get strong”, and tone, and for my self; lose weight. I, personally have done everything from Aerobics – Zumba. I had been diagnosed with high cholesterol (266) in October. I was told that a repeat screening would be done in four months at which time I would be put on medication if it remained high. All my life I have been on every diet and diet pill known to man. I have also, in the last year or two, tried my very hardest to make healthier choices in my diet. That typically works about 50% of the time. ;0) I went back for my rescreen just this month. To my surprise and the absolute surprise of my Doctor my cholesterol dropped to 198. She wanted to know what changes I had made. I told her the only real change in the last 2 1/2 months was I joined Playalinda Crossfit. She was thoroughly impressed. And I have to say I was thoroughly impressed! At first when we decided to give it a try, I was not only intimidated by the workouts but a bit scared by the fact that I didn’t know if it was even possible at my age. Well, I have to say I no longer feel intimidated by the WOD’s, I now look forward to the daily challenges. I feel stronger and ealthier. Thanks Todd for the training, the reassurance, the confidence, the challenges, and making it FUN! You are the BEST!!
Sincerely, Pam :0)