Pam Ragon

I am 54 years old, (55 in Feb). I joined Playalinda Crossfit with my sister in mid November 2013. Our main purpose for joining was to “get strong”, and tone, and for my self; lose weight. I, personally have done everything from Aerobics – Zumba. I had been diagnosed with high cholesterol (266) in October. I was told that a repeat screening would be done in four months at which time I would be put on medication if it remained high. All my life I have been on every diet and diet pill known to man. I have also, in the last year or two, tried my very hardest to make healthier choices in my diet. That typically works about 50% of the time. ;0) I went back for my rescreen just this month. To my surprise and the absolute surprise of my Doctor my cholesterol dropped to 198. She wanted to know what changes I had made. I told her the only real change in the last 2 1/2 months was I joined Playalinda Crossfit. She was thoroughly impressed. And I have to say I was thoroughly impressed! At first when we decided to give it a try, I was not only intimidated by the workouts but a bit scared by the fact that I didn’t know if it was even possible at my age. Well, I have to say I no longer feel intimidated by the WOD’s, I now look forward to the daily challenges. I feel stronger and ealthier. Thanks Todd for the training, the reassurance, the confidence, the challenges, and making it FUN! You are the BEST!!
Sincerely, Pam :0)

Staci Price

5261554This is a before and after picture of Staci. The before picture was taken in December of 2012. In May of 2013, Staci decided to change her life. She changed how she eats and made nutrition and supplements a very important part of her life. Then she began to exercise. Her exercise of choice was running! After Staci started losing weight she decided to sign up for the American Mud Race in August of 2013. She asked Todd (her brother/Playalinda CrossFit owner) if he wanted to participate with her and “Team Crazy”. Todd was all in, but he told Staci she would have to start some sort of strength training and invited her to his garage where him and a few others were training. Long story short, the after picture was taken on August 24, 2013. Todd, Staci, Coutrney, Ivette, & Ivette’s sister was TEAM CRAZY! All of the ladies on team crazy were training CrossFit before the race and everyone said they would have never completed the coarse if they had not had the functional training! To date Staci has lost 52 pounds and 6 sizes! Below is a picture today! Great job Staci!