Coach Todd


Let me start with a little background.   Growing up as a kid I was always into some sort of sports or outdoors activity.  As a kid, my parents kept me active and involved in sports. Eventually they got me into youth football.  I was not a big fan the first season but after that I was hooked. I played football all the way through high school. I also wrestled and attempted to throw on our schools track team.  Although I wasn’t that great at track or wrestling, I participated in them to help me stay sharp for football.  Looking back on those days I was always doing something active with football practice, weightlifting, wrestling practice, track practice, and on the weekends I was usually outdoors doing some sort of activity.

After high school I continued to lift weights at a local “fitness center”.  This place really became a social scene rather than a gym. And after many years of the same lifting routine I had become pretty darn big and strong.

After few years of the same old routine I got tired of it all and decided to just stop and “take a break”. I got bored and had nothing I needed to train for.

It did not take long for unhealthy eating habits to take over.  The bad thing was the side effect it had on me.  BIG FAT GAINS and the quick loss of muscle.  With the combination of having an appetite like a horse and no activity to keep those habits in check the weight packed on pretty quick.  Over the years, I had gone back to the gym on and off, each time back I would slowly fade into quitting after a few months.

Then I got married and had 3 wonderful children.  I started to notice that it was tough to get in the floor to play with the kids or even squat down to pick them up.

One day I was called into my doctor’s office and told I was one step away from being diabetic.  I started then, running, walking exercising and started losing weight. When I lost some weight and saw improvement, I went back to my bad habits. Finally a serious life change had to happen.

I had remembered talking with a member of my church about starting an exercise program he was doing called CrossFit. He invited me to his house to try it out.

On January 3, 2011 I went to Dan’s house and participated in my very first introduction to CrossFit I started off slow and I remember thinking, “okay, I know you need to start slow but this is ridiculous”. We did a warm up and I understood exactly how out of shape I was. Next was a 400 meter jog and I was toast.  For the rest of the workout I used a pvc pipe in his front yard.

After that first workout I could hardly move!  I had not done a squat in years and probably never performed a correct squat ever. The strange thing was I liked it! It felt good! As I started going back 3 times a week I could feel myself getting stronger.  Don’t get me wrong, during the workouts I felt like I was going to die, but when I was done I had a great sense of accomplishment and felt great that I had actually done the workout.  I felt better than I had felt in many years.  After just one month of CrossFit, I ran my very first 5K over the new bridge in Titusville; I did it in 37 minutes.  I never would have imagined running a 5K in my life, EVER!

I believe it is safe to say that I am now fully addicted to CrossFit and very passionate about it.  As of now I have lost fifty pounds and enjoy doing all sorts of activities with my children with no problems at all.   I am proud to say that I have also committed to spreading the word on how great CrossFit is for a person’s overall health and quality of life.

I have been involved with athletics and coaching athletics for years.  As I stated above I have many years in several types of athletics and have also coached youth and high school football.  I have trained using CrossFit methods for almost four years and I have personally trained with and coached people in CrossFit workouts going on three years now.

I became a Crossfit level 1 Trainer in 2013. I have been to many training classes throughout my professional career, but none have been as organized and presented as well, as the CrossFit level 1 Trainers course.  My hat is off to the Crossfit organization and how they train their staff and present it.  This was what pushed me over the edge to find a way to affiliate and become part of the organization.

I enjoy watching people take the step and commit to a training program that changes their lives. I look forward to training new people and helping them create and sustain a great quality of life.  I love to watch people perform tasks that they never thought they could possibly do.

I am constantly searching for new and better ways to enhance my coaching knowledge and learn new and innovative ways to coach all my athletes.

We Are All Training for LIFE!!!

Todd Bullock
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Coach Holly


Before Holly became passionate about CrossFit, she was an avid runner. She ran cross-country for the College of Coastal Georgia and, in her free time, weight-trained on her own. Georgia is where she spent most of her life, and also where she took her fundamentals classes with her first crossFit trainer, Dave. Dave showed so much passion and knowledge about CrossFit that it later inspired Holly to take her athleticism one step farther. She attended the CrossFit Level I Trainer’s Course in March of 2014 but has taken a year to gain more experience and exposure, as well as establish relationships with other athletes before coaching. In addition to coaching CrossFit, Holly is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at the University of Central Florida to further her knowledge and commitment to fitness.

Holly is extremely passionate about CrossFit. She hopes to help and inspire others to safely reach their athletic and fitness goals.

Holly Czeiszperger
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
CrossFit Scaling Course