What to Expect

Typical Playalinda CrossFit Class:

Most members attend 3 to 4 workouts a week. During your initial two weeks you will be scaled appropriately by the class Trainer and progressed up to go 100% when week 3 begins.

CrossFit workouts are constantly varied, which means that the workouts change daily. Each day a workout is programmed for the attending clients to perform, this is called the “Workout Of the Day” or “WOD”. Each WOD is a core workout focusing on core to extrimity movements. The WODs are programmed to last anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes on average.

Typical Class:

Class participants show up a few minutes early to stretch , foam roll or perform extra warm-up activities
At the scheduled class time the Trainer will start the formal warm-up and all participants perform the warm-up together.

During warm-up the trainer for the particular class talks with individuals to find out about any aches, pains, or injuries, while watching individuals perform warm-up movements to ensure they are performing movements correctly

Once warm-up is complete, each person can start setting up any barbells, jump ropes, pull-up bands, etc…. they will need for the WOD

Once everyone is done warming-up the Trainer will explain the WOD format, then go over points of performance for each movement involved in the WOD

Once WOD & movements are explained any remaining questions will be answered. We want everyone to be comfortable with what they are supposed to be doing in the WOD

Next comes the 3, 2, 1, GO!!!!! Everyone starts the workout at the same time

After you finish your last rep or round and finish the workout in general you need to YELL, TIME. Yell, TIME NICE AND LOUD so the coach can hear you over the music and everyone else working out.
Once everyone is finished with the workout everyone takes time to recover and cool down
Each individual is responsible for wiping down and putting the equipment they used back in it’s proper place. This includes Breaking barbells down, putting up kettlebells, putting pull-up bands away, etc…
Our workouts combine gymnastic movements, Olympic weightlifting, and body weight movements and are constantly varied to ensure the progress of our athletes. Some workouts are done for time, others for max rounds or reps, some workouts are strictly strength oriented. All this variation is by design and any way you look at it you will be working hard!


Tracking your progress is achieved by timing your workouts. A timed workout does produce a side effect. As much as we tell you that you are not competing with others and you are only competing with the clock and yourself. The side effect is competitiveness. Competitiveness is a natural side effect to fitness as it is in any other sport. This encourages you to not give up and often times makes you push just a bit harder. the timed results are also a reflection of one aspect that your performance can be measured. As you continue with CrossFit you become stronger, faster, more agile, and more flexible. Often time we will look back at old results, and you can see the progress and you feel awesome about your accomplishments.

You will notice a difference in your fitness level quickly. Notice I say fitness level and not body weight! Fitness and body weight are related but it is entirely possible to raise your fitness level and even more common to initially gain weight when starting CrossFit. Many times a person joins a CrossFit box with the sole goal of losing weight. What they don’t realize is the body builds muscle mass (denser than fat) much quicker than it burns fat off. Since muscle is denser than fat it only makes sense that the scale will creep up when you start CrossFit. Don’t be alarmed, when you start coming regularly over time the body adjusts and starts to burn fat reserves. So, put the scale in the closet, grab a measuring tape and take your measurements (right & left arms and thighs, around shoulders, chest, stomach, and waist) this shows progress more effectively! Stay off the scale!

What to Bring:

What you should bring to workout is pretty much a personal choice. The only things required are a good positive attitude and the willingness to work hard!

Other things that you might think about:

  • Refillable Water cup or bottle (we have a water fountain and a water dispenser)
  • Towel
  • Training shoes with flat even sole (for workouts that don’t require running) and running shoes or one pair that works for both